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Juan Manuel Rios, Juanma, arrived in our Foot and Ankle Unit in November of 2014 and in no time, became the seventh and Essential member of our unit, with an excellent critical vision and a way to understand the fellowship period as a FULL INTEGRATION to the Unit. In a short time he became the third member in our operating rooms, and much earlier than expected, the first sword in some surgeries; His absolute commitment to service, his skill with the scalpel and his excellent diagnostic criteria along with his tremendous capacity of work did not deserve a different treatment from us than to consider him part of our unit.

Alex Santamaria Fumas Medico Adjunto COT. Unidad de Pie y Tobillo -Consorci Sanitari Integral de Barcelona Clinica Diagonal - Pie y Tobillo

I have had the pleasure and honor to share with Dr Rios during his Foot and Ankle Unit rotation in Barcelona´s Hospital Clinic, as part of the University of Barcelona foot and ankle fellowship. His professional ethics are impeccable, with an exceptional critical criterion and an incredible passion for Orthopedic Surgery, especially everything related to foot and ankle. All this combined with being a warm person, always ready to explain and convey knowledge in a concise and up to date manner. Undoubtedly a soon to be Foot and Ankle Surgery reference in Spain.

Juan Miguel Rodríguez, Residente de Cirugia Ortopedica y Traumatologica en hospital clinic. Barcelona

Passionate about his specialty, an active member of the Societies to which he belongs, and with ambition to continue learning, with a great capacity for work and collaboration.”.

Jordi Codina Santolaria. Orthopedic Surgery Consultant. Chief Foot and Ankle Unit in Althaia, Manresa. University Hospital

I have had the pleasure of working together with Dr. Juan Ríos in an international event and I can say that he is a great professional. Enjoys what he does and shares knowledge, conveying his enthusiasm to anyone who has the pleasure of meeting him. The world needs people who love what they do, and that are passionate about it!

Silvia Ventura Gevani, ENDOSCOPY, TRAUMA & EXTREMITIES Smith&Nephew